Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is Like a Walk

A Walk Requires Good Shoes

As a teacher I make sure my students are equipped with the tools they need to learn and grow. The tools of learning go well beyond just school supplies. As an educator, I seek to stay abreast of current educational research to support my students. Also, I understand the importance of utilizing support services including social workers and psychologists for the social emotional well being of each child. I also understand the vital need to maintain close communication with parents as part of the learning team and the invaluable input they provide.

Walk Every Day to Keep Your Body and Mind in Shape

A mind requires exercise daily for stimulation and growth. Learning is a continual journey throughout life. I desire to always seek out up to date and innovative ways to support my students in their individual academic pursuits.

A Walk is for Everyone

I value the unique learning differences that every student brings to the classroom. Just like walking ability, learning ability is different for everyone. Some people require a walker, adaptive shoes or a cane to walk but that should not stop them. My role as a teacher is to determine a student's abilities and limitations. Then utilize that information to assist each student individually with reaching his/her potential.

A Teacher's Role is to Guide Students on Their Path

A teacher's job is to guide students by supporting them in their own individual learning journey. In this role, I create a stimulating and engaging environment to steer students as they progress on their learning journey without letting them get lost along the way.

Walks are Best Enjoyed with Company

Building strong relationships with students is key to creating a culture that promotes learning, exploration, empathy, and compassion. Learning is much more than just, "what's in the book".

A Walk Can Change Your Perspective

A teacher's role can be challenging and feel lonely at times. Just like a walk in the dead of winter feels isolating and frozen. It is important as an educator to keep my eyes wide open for the special moments that make a teacher's role so vitally important. This is similar to finding a 4-leaf clover in a field of millions.