"Andrea displayed personal and professional qualities of an outstanding teacher from day one.  Her most impressive quality was her initiative."  Mrs. Michelle Layer

"I highly recommend Andrea Navis for a teaching position in any district.  She has a true understanding of teamwork and working collaboratively as she has learned through this experience.  As a former elementary principal, I would sought to have a teacher of Andrea's caliber on my team."  Mrs. Susan Corrie 

"Her dedication to our school and community has been admirable.  As a new teacher she is not afraid to take risks, work collaboratively, and ask for assistance when needed.  She is here early in the morning and stays well beyond the school day, helping kids who need support, differentiating her lessons and making sure she has everything over-planned and engaging for her diverse classroom. "

Monica Daigler, Principal Regan Intermediate Starpoint School District 

Classroom Management

Mrs. Navis' Classroom Plan
Navis - Open House Fifth Grade
The Leader In Me

ELA/Writing Teaching Samples

5th Grade Author's Craft Unit

Unit 1 Reading - Flashback

5th Grade - Flashback Lesson 

Unit 1 -Most Important Parts of a Story

5th Grade - Most Important Parts of the Story

Author's Craft Unit Assessment

Author's Craft Unit Assessment

Unit 1 Reading - Perspective

5th Grade - Perspective Mini Lesson 

Authors Craft Lesson 9/28/2020

5th Grade - Author's Craft Lesson 

Unit 1 Reading - Character Change

5th Grade - Character Change 

Character Traits - 5th Grade

5th Grade- ELA Character Traits Mini Lesson Character Trait Lesson Plan 

Unit 1 - Reading Theme Mini Lesson

5th Grade - ELA Theme Mini Lesson 

Unit 1 Reading Tone and Mood

5th Grade - Mood and Tone 

Storyworks - September 2020

Scholastic Storyworks interactive monthly magazine for use with remote learning students

The Moment When a Change Happens

5th Grade Reading  

The Moment When a Change Happens 

Character Study Assignment

5th Grade Reading 

Character Study Assignment

5th Grade Reading - Compare and Contrast Themes

5th Grade Reading 

Comparing and Contrasting Themes 

Unpack a Quote

Argument Essay Mini-Lesson 

How to Unpack a Quote 


Argument Essay Mini-Lesson 

Adding a Counterclaim 

Navis - Research Based Argument Essay

5th Grade Argument Essay

 Writing Unit 

Wonder - powerpoints.pptx
Read Alouds for April



2nd Grade Read Aloud

Esperanza Rising - Student Copy

Thematic Unit 

3rd Grade Persuasive Writing Lesson 

Acknowledging People, Places, and Things as Noteworthy

3rd Grade Persuasive 

3rd Grade Paragraph Writing Lesson

1st Grade Prediction Lesson Plan 

3rd Grade Persuasive Writing Lesson 

Proving by Showing 

2nd Grade Writing Rubric 

1st Grade Mentor Text to Explore Memories and Morals

Memory Box Cards  

Kindergarten Guided Reading Lesson Plan 

Math Teaching Samples

Topic 4 - Multiplying Decimals

5th Grade Unit 4 - Use Models and Strategies to Multiply Decimals

5th Grade Math - 3-1 & 3-2

5th Grade Unit 3 Fluently Multiply Multi-Digit Whole Numbers 

2nd Grade Lucky Day Math Game  Math Fact Practice


5th Grade Multiply Greater Numbers by Power of 10 Lesson Plan

2nd Grade Math Lesson 

Commutative Property of Multiplication 

Copy of 4-9 Remote Decimal Puzzle

Decimal Math Game 

Useful for Math Practice for Remote Learners

5th Grade - Understanding Place Value 


Unit 5 - Use Models to Divide Whole Numbers

5th Grade Unit 5 

Use Models and Strategies to Divide Whole Numbers

Compatible Numbers
Copy of Math Subject for Elementary - 5th Grade: Whole Numbers by Slidesgo
Module 6: Grade 3

3rd Grade 

Module 6   Collecting and Displaying Data

Science and Social Studies

3rd Grade Social Studies 

Exploring Human Rights and Cultural Differences 

FBI - Decomposers

5th Grade Science Phenomenon 

FBI (Fungi, Bacteria, and Invertebrates) Decomposers

Light Play and Activity

Scholastic News - Light The Play 

Local and Federal Government

3rd Grade 

Local and Federal Government

Video Projects 

PBIS - Go For Green! Roll out video for Dodge Elementary School 


National PTA 2015-2016 Reflections Awards Night Presentation

Why do I feel so Lousy?

Reader's Theatre Next Generation Standard for 4th-5th Grade Science Lesson on the Digestive System and General Nutrition 

2018-2019 Reflections Ceremony Side Presentation 

Reflections2017 - Small.mov

National PTA Reflections 2017 Promotional Video for Dodge Elementary School